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Advantages of an all-through school

As an all-through school, Crosfields offers a stable and nurturing environment for students to learn and flourish. With more than 700 pupils from ages three to sixteen, our co-educational environment supports children from the moment they join us, helping them to develop a love of learning alongside key skills for life.

Perhaps the most significant advantage to our all-through approach is the community that it creates. Crosfields is a family-feel school, focused on building relationships that foster confidence and kindness within our students and we take great pride in the warm and friendly atmosphere at our school. Throughout their years with us, your child will become an integral part of the Crosfields family, making friendships that can last a lifetime.

The relationships formed at Crosfields often bridge age gaps and year groups. By encouraging interaction across all ages, older students are given leadership opportunities which can greatly improve their confidence. For example, current Year 10 students visited Year 6 classes to talk them through the transition into Senior School. Similarly, younger pupils have role models within the school community to inspire them, including regular visits to the local care home.

By remaining at Crosfields from Nursery to Senior School, our dedicated teaching team will develop a deep understanding of your child’s educational needs. This enables us to offer a more personalised approach, tailoring our teaching to cater for learning styles and spark their natural curiosity.

Well-being is at the centre of our ethos and as a school we recognise the importance of introducing life-lessons into the curriculum. Pupils have access to two on-site counsellors, a dedicated Pastoral Team and regular workshops like Girls on Board, an approach which helps girls, their parents and their teachers to understand the complexities and dynamics of girl friendships.

Our House system at Crosfields, which starts at Reception, provides an extra level of pastoral support. The Houses encourage personal growth and promote community, building friendships and connections across different year groups. From Year 4, Heads of Houses work with Form Tutors to monitor the wellbeing of pupils.

The shared campus at Crosfields gives younger children access to facilities that they might not usually have at primary level. Specialist teaching and access to specialist facilities starts right from Nursery, where children are offered ballet, music, French and swimming lessons. Our specialist teachers allow the children to hone subject-specific skills from an early age. Junior School pupils will then benefit from use of the Sports Centre, pitches, Computer Suite and labs — all state-of-the-art facilities that many school children don’t encounter until secondary level, if even at all.

Whilst traditionally, children move schools at Year 2 or Year 6, this can be stressful and disruptive to learning. With each new school comes the pressure of making new friends, of learning the new surroundings, and of encountering new teachers. Even before this point, children (and parents!) may have to endure the difficulty of a new school’s application process. With our continuous learning model, students can develop comfort and familiarity within their school, giving them the confidence to grow. The seamless transition from Pre-Prep to Junior School, and then Junior School to Senior School, means that students can take the next step in their learning journey in a comfortable and understanding environment.

Our students are not the only ones to benefit from all-through schooling; we are also able to form stronger relationships with their parents and carers, inviting the whole family to be part of the Crosfields community, including the Crosfields Parents’ Association.

At Crosfields, we are committed to empowering each individual, and our all-through model gives students the skills to thrive both academically and personally. To learn more about our approach, and to see the advantages of the all-through schooling for yourself, we invite you to book a personalised tour. One of our Senior Leaders would be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you might have about life at Crosfields.

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