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Ex-pupil inspires today’s pupils

The Crosfields Oaks alumni community remains a treasured part of the Crosfields family and continues to inspire our current pupils here today. We were delighted to welcome Michael Skinner — a former Crosfields pupil who graduated in 1948 — to visit our Year 10’s and share his knowledge from running a world-renowned tailors in Savile Row.

Michael is the current Chairman for the bespoke tailor and shirt-maker, Dege & Skinner – one of the last two family-owned Savile Row tailoring houses. Since entering the family business in 1953, Michael has tailored bespoke pieces for a number of prestigious and prominent figures, including Sir Winston Churchill, HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Harry. In fact, one of Michael’s very first jobs was working on HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1953. Michael was elected Master of the Merchant Taylors’ Company in 2004, making him the first practising Master Tailor to achieve this position in 350 years.

On his recent return to Crosfields, Michael gave a presentation to our GCSE students on his illustrious career, sharing his insights into running and owning a business so rich in skill and history. He even demonstrated just how much time and effort goes into making a Dege & Skinner garment by employing Mr William Nash-Wortham as a model. Michael took Mr Nash-Wortham’s suit measurements, explaining the process of creating his bespoke masterpieces.

Michael Skinner is just one example of the huge success our former pupils have achieved, and we are extremely proud of the diverse range of professions showcased by our alumni. Many former Crosfields pupils have also progressed on to prestigious universities to hone the skills and interests that they first developed with us.

We are developing our alumni program to create a stronger Crosfields Oaks network, and would love to hear from former pupils. Whether for career progression or personal connections, there is huge value to be gained from staying in touch with Crosfields.

As our visit from Michael Skinner shows, our current students have so much to learn from our Crosfields Oaks. As one of our alumni, you could inspire the next generation by taking part in our Careers Programme. We are also always looking for volunteers to help with our Alumni Events (such as reunions and tours). You could even help to shape the future of our school by becoming a Crosfields Governor. Connect with our Crosfields School Alumni network by filling in the contact form here.

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