Religious Studies, Practically Speaking! - Crosfields School


Pupils in Years 5 and 6 enjoyed some practical Religious Studies lessons recently thanks to some expert guests to help them with their learning.

Year 6 were visited by Matthew from ‘West End in Schools’ who helped the year group celebrate Diwali through theatre and dance. It was an immersive experience that explained the concept of Diwali and supported the classroom-based learning that the pupils are working on.

What’s more, Year 5 enjoyed a visit from local Rabbi Zvi (pictured) who helped to provide context to the children’s learning about Judaism. Rabbi Zvi gave an assembly to the whole school before working with the Junior School pupils in Year 5 to create a synagogue in Acorns Hall for them to discover. It was a special opportunity to bring their learning to life and to find out more facts about Judaism.

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